September 6, 2022

How Old Do You Have to Be to Volunteer at the Nebraska Humane Society?

If you want to volunteer at the Nebraska Humane society, there are several things you should know. First of all, you must be at least 14 years old. You can also be as young as ten, but a youth application must be submitted along with an adult one. Special Skills to volunteer at the Nebraska […]

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July 14, 2022

Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

If you want to gain experience while traveling, you might want to think about volunteering abroad. Travelers can do different kinds of volunteer work in a lot of different countries. You can do many different things, like coach youth sports teams, work with animals, or teach adults English. Volunteering abroad is a great way to […]

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June 16, 2022

Peace Corps Requirements For Experience in a Foreign Language

Robert Goetschkes pointed out that if you want to join the Peace Corps, you might want to know what the requirements are. Some of these qualifications are having a Bachelor’s degree and being able to speak a foreign language. A second rule is that you have to be at least 18 years old. People who […]

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May 27, 2022

Common Myths About Community Service

    According to Robert Goetschkes, in college, there are many ways to get your community service hours. There are a lot of things you can do that count as community service hours and may even help your GPA. Find out about community service myths and how to get more hours. Here are some things […]

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